one size does not fit all

We understand that universities have different structures, staffing levels, alumni support as well as different curricular. And consequently each institution has different support needs. That’s why we do not offer a one-size-fits-all service. In discussion with each individual university we tailor a package of entrepreneurial support designed with specific learning levels and school specific content built-in.

multi media multi faculty

We are continually being told by universities that attracting students to enterprise programmes and keeping them there can be challenging. Part of our service is to have a multi-media campaign created for our partner universities by a London-based creative advertising team. Using the university’s own media-channels, website, Moodle, social-media, text and email, we believe we can help significantly increase student numbers and institution-wide interest in entrepreneurial pursuit.

unlocking innovation

Successful entrepreneurship is about inspiration, innovation and nimble-thinking. At Unipreneurs, we use psychometric testing specifically designed to discover each student’s Innovation Quotient Edge (their IQE archetype). Based on over 20 years of research, IQE is the only tool specifically designed to help unlock a student’s ability to innovate. Myers Briggs offers insights into general personality; IQE specifically looks at how people innovate.

one on one mentoring

The leadership team at Unipreneurs has the breadth of business experience to be able to advise individual students who need specific advice on their business, as well as mentor their journey into the entrepreneurial “unknown”. In addition we have built up a body of experts in their field for more esoteric issues including, tax, global supply chain, import & export and executive sales.

ideas for sale

We know the majority of students who enrolled will have a broad idea of what they want to pursue. But there are many more, who express a keen interest in starting their own enterprise, but who have just not found the right area of ideas to follow. " Ideas For Sale" will aim to inspire and stimulate this student segment into action by providing them with insights into what types of enterprise are suitable to found today, and in the future. We bring fully formed and scalable enterprise ideas to these sessions for students and staff to found themselves.

programmes and Content

Our range of 50 licensed workshops and open source modules have been created to be able to supplement each university’s needs and are inline with modern and tested start-up methodologies. Delivered digitally via open source content or as audience participation lectures, our programmes and content are available in foundation, intermediate and advanced learning levels.

focus on case studies

We believe case studies spur students’ curiosity; by studying past or present corporate success stories and operational hiccups, students can dig deeper into the creative thought process that entrepreneurs adopt to work through daily business problems. Our topics and modules are case-based wherever possible creating in students the ability to analyse an enterprise situation, to evaluate alternatives, choose a solution and track progress over time.

wargame simulations

For similar reasons to having as many case-based studies as possible, we encourage Universities to engage us to run our wargame simulations. Teams can navigate product and market decisions and form strategies to maximise enterprise health. Real-time feedback helps students to identify potential enterprise risks and teaches key pivot and change indicators.

inspiring events

Potential entrepreneurs are competitive by nature, and at Unipreneurs we have experience in managing and delivering a “Dragon’s Den” type event at your university. These public contests not only bring out the best in student entrepreneurs, they also appeal to a wider body of students and give entrepreneurship a public face in the university and beyond.

a unipreneur framework

For those student concepts that are deemed to have the most potential in terms of enterprise success, we tailor-make a plan consisting of key “must-dos” and apply advanced support from our core team and our wider Global network to these newly founded student and staff enterprise.

funding and investments

For student and staff enterprise that are in one of our Frameworks, we assist in fine-tuning the business plan so that it will stand up to the rigors of investor interrogation. A second, and separate phase is the pitch for funding. Again, Unipreneurs will assist in developing market interest in each enterprise and coach the founders through this process. We can unlock finance from £150,000 to £1m for the most viable student and staff enterprise.

public relations

Success breeds success, and a professional PR campaign will help successive years enrollment and public image for your university. Unipreneurs will develop the strategy for such a campaign; working with the university’s PR team if appropriate, or we can form a team and mobilise our network if preferred.

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